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About Food Blogger Resources

Food Blogger Resources is a recipe creation and photography service offered by Jim and Shelley Merchant to help busy food/recipe bloggers. We cook, photograph, and sell you the rights to use the recipe and photos on your food site as your own with no attribution required.

We make your blogging life easier by providing you with content so that you can focus on promoting and growing your site, connecting with readers, and doing the things that only YOU can do.

Quantities are limited to one blogger per set so you can be confident that your final photos won’t appear on another site.

Here’s how it works:

-We make and photograph a recipe creating several different looking “sets” that are available for purchase.

-Each “set” contains several finished shots in both horizontal and vertical format. These finished shots are exclusive to one blogger.

-Also included in each “set” are several in-process photos. These photographs are shared with the other bloggers who have purchased the same recipe. So your in-process shots are similar (depending on what you choose to use) but your finished photos for your site and social media images are different.

-Once you purchase a “set” it’s yours. You’ll be sent a link so that you can download a copy of the ingredients list and recipe instructions plus your photos. That’s all there is to it!

We’ll also have generic food photos for sale. These have been taken in our kitchen and are not limited in quantity. They’ll make it easy to add photos to your site based on what goes on in real kitchens with real cooks.

Also in the works are Private Label Rights (PLR) packets that you can purchase for use on your site.

Being a food blogger is a lot of work. Let us help...we'll even wash the dishes!